Miremarsh - The Boardgame

Created by Room 17 Games Ltd

A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.

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Miremarsh Waves
about 2 months ago – Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 08:56:24 PM

Hi all Swamp Goblins

By now about a third of you have received or about to receive you pledge. GQ have shipped 2 waves (chunks of pledges in £5k) and are working their way through wave 3. We are just about to pay for 4&5 this week, with 3 waves remaining. We can hopefully get Waves 6 and 7 paid in each week after each other and last wave 8, first week in March.

We are now getting in to the big part of shipments between 4-7kg and most average backers would have been in that category, regions don't matter, combination of items and however GQ divided their packing is what decided what goes or not in each wave.

It should be reasonable to expect that 99% will have their pledge from now until mid-march.

We are working on a solution where we can use the Mighty lords PM/Web-store to work for voluntary payments of shipping as that can generate an individual store item with a credit for the shipping you have paid and what your actual shipping came to. Any money from this will not affect shipping right now but might help to speed up the last wave(s).

I know its a B***-ache to wait in this stage of a KS project and its not super helpful all the time to see others chirping on about getting their pledge and so on, but we will keep on at it until you all have it and hopefully enjoy it.


Room 17 Games team

How the Miremarsh shipping works and how you can help
2 months ago – Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 12:01:43 AM

Good morning BogGobs!

Some of you are probably receiving tracking numbers for their Miremarsh products... yes, they are on your way. These tracking will reach everyone in due time as lots are shipped by the fulfilling company according to their processes.

The way the fulfiller has split the ENORMOUS load is in 5 lots split by areas... Although they are just humans, an infiltrated goblin has told us they seem to know what they're doing! 

Here is how the operation looks like:Humies are picking stuff from massive piles (=pallets) and putting them in smaller boxes (=each Backer individual order). Apparently this is what they call pick and pack! Another humie puts that box through a sliding floor (= conveyor belt) and another one sticks stuff on it (= labelling orders to ship)Those boxes then go to a secret place (our source didn't manage to slip through what seems a force-field of transparent plastic curtains) to never return (= courier vans)Essentially, once lot one is complete (which it has now!) lot number two will follow. This second lot is now being packed and will be ready soon, etc.

 Games Quest is working with diligence to send, send, send. You will receive your tracking as they are picked, packed and placed on the selected couriers' systems.

Because of the nature and weight of each pledge (including the single game pledge), all consignments have been sent tracked and on premium double-layered boxes.

Now, did I mention the HUGE invoice and the premium package due to weight? Yes, we have been hit very hard with an under-forecasted shipment bill (import and shipping costs also doubled from those estimated). The awesome campaign we had and the development of production have produced a hefty load (double layer boards for both Miremarsh and Undermire free to every backer adds almost 1Kg/game to every shipment). It all adds up to weight and volumes for which we have paid dearly.  We charged about £18 000 in shipping fees (rest of takings on the PM was in add-ons and Pre-orders, about 42 000) and the shipping bill in total is £40 000. 

GamesQuest policy is that they require payment upfront before shipping, we have solved it by dividing the shipments in 5 parts so we can pay them in turn as they get packed and ready for invoicing and shipping. Making the process slower than all at once but possible in funding as we go along.

For this reason, Anders and I need to ask you for a last effort to help our cause. We are sending you an email detailing the cost of your specific shipment and the value paid during the pledge manager. Alongside that, a payment option (Paypal and possibly with card through the Mighty Lords webshop) to help us cover more of the shipping cost. For some of you it's a couple of £ that differ from what you paid to what the shipping was for some other more extreme (in size) orders the shipping differs a lot more. If you can help out please do, this is voluntary and shipping will proceed anyway but with more funds for shipping we can accelerate the payments for the shipping waves and everybody will get their pledges quicker.   

It was very difficult for us to forecast accurately the actual shipment cost for a campaign that went fabulously and which produced almost twice the weight of what we though! One year later of tariff changes and currency craziness produced this massive discrepancy.

Considering this, we have decided that for our next campaigns, shipment will be paid separately via Backerkit/PM at the time of receiving the actual data form the fulfilling company. That may mean that  Pledge Manager will remain open for the duration of the production process.


Room 17 Games team

(Ricard & Anders)

Miremarsh shipping
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 11:49:11 PM

Hi All Swamp Goblins

Miremash is now at GamesQuest and we have been down to their warehouse and gone through that everything is there and the stuff correct plus any bundling with items and so on. We are now in the stage were it can go out any day they are ready to go, nothing to do with it now but to ship it to you guys. If any one have a last minute Address change to do, please notify next day or so we can get it to GQ. As soon as shipping commence I'll post another short update.


Anders and the Room 17 Games team.

Fish & Bones fixed
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 08:11:53 PM

Hi all Swamp Goblins

Just a quick one while we are waiting for the games to arrive in the UK. The factory have fixed the Fish &  Bones now and produced and are shipping it ahead so it will be here when Games Quest send out the pledges. So you will get not only Fishy Bones and Boney Fish but also the correct Fishy Fish and Boney Bones...

Fish & Bones in the correct colours


The Room 17 Team

Pictures and Videos of Miremarsh minis
5 months ago – Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 11:45:22 PM

Hi Guys

Here are some pictures and videos of the minis from the (mass production) samples.

Shipping, still proceeding, date we heard for estimated arrival in Southampton is 20th of December. We will of course keep you inform as things move along.

Iron Crows
Rock Goblins
Mantica Heroes


The Room 17 team