Miremarsh - The Boardgame

Created by Room 17 Games Ltd

A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Double Boards and Pre-order (late Pledge) closing
9 months ago – Thu, Jun 06, 2019 at 10:28:42 PM

Hi all Bog Goblins and Marsh dwellers!

In a weird turn of events the copies of Miremarsh and Undemire that we received for UKGE had the Double layered board! As some you might recall there was quite the debate about this during the KS and we decided to go for the single layered board as, although we all loved the idea of the sunken spaces for the tiles, we were not convinced of the quality of the the double layered board.

Now as sometimes happens with communication (change of rep during the process) the manufacturer missed this and still made the double boards. They have agreed to cover the costs of this and make sure that we have the single layer boards as a final production item (as that was what we ordered!) 

In order to keep the production timings unaltered, we have instructed the manufacturer to fit the existing board on the boxes and to provide each backer with a single layer board too. If you got the copy at UKGE you will also receive the single layer board when we ship the rest of your pledge!

I want to stress that the double layered board included by mistake is a freebie, a mistake by the manufacturer that we are fixing by providing you the actual board agreed during the campaign. Please do not start asking for replacements if that gets damaged, etc... that was the reason we pull that board out of the production plan. Take it as a free item, that you may or may not want to use (I will, delicately ;-P ) 


Anders, Room 17 Games

Production underway - Vacuum forms with minis!
9 months ago – Tue, May 21, 2019 at 03:13:20 AM

Hi Marshdwellers!

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of the Vacuum formed tray with minis from Miremarsh and Undermire.

Miremarsh Vacform and Minis!
Miremarsh Vacform and Minis!
Undermire Vacform with minis.
Undermire Vacform with minis.

The factory is preparing the air shipment with Miremarsh Games and Undermire Expansions to us for UKGE as usual it will be tight with timing but it should be alright. If you are visiting UKGE and have backed the project you can take the opportunity to pick up Miremarsh/Undermire there and then! Just contact us on customer.service@room17.games



News From the Bog: Production
10 months ago – Wed, May 01, 2019 at 03:03:34 AM

Good morning every Goblin!

I'm very happy to share this Update with you today as it is about the good rhythm manufacturing is having to be able to finish the production ON SCHEDULE!!

We are aiming at receiving a number of copies for Miremarsh and for Undermire at UKGE! so if you are a backer and you want to collect, let us know writing an email to customer.service@room17.games . We don't really know how many copies will arrive, so first come, first serve, let us know you are picking up, please.

We don';t expect any other items being in time for UKGE but we know they are all being produced right now (coins, tokens, dice and dice bags, everything) So, if Miremarsh and Undermire copy are ready (via air) at UKGE, it all indicates that the shipment for everything will soon depart port.

Ningbo Eastar is being a real star and has provided an incredible support for us to ensure the game hit the fulfilment deadline of August, we are on track, let's see if we can make it!

 Here, some pics of the process! Hooray to the marsh!

We claim this cards cardboard in the name of the Marsh!
We claim this cards cardboard in the name of the Marsh!
And this will make good boxes too!!
And this will make good boxes too!!
Lay out of the Miremarsh minis on the vacformed tray!
Lay out of the Miremarsh minis on the vacformed tray!
And the one for the Undermire... Yes, we will replace the red blobs of FIMO for actual minis... I guess!
And the one for the Undermire... Yes, we will replace the red blobs of FIMO for actual minis... I guess!
Shiny dough! These is the raw material, a wash over to weathered them down will be applied
Shiny dough! These is the raw material, a wash over to weathered them down will be applied
Believe it or not, these are the white/cream dice!! A tumble and a wash and ready to roll.
Believe it or not, these are the white/cream dice!! A tumble and a wash and ready to roll.
Proofs, proofs, proofs! No, we are not including that lovely mini, is just a proof of colour for the ghost goblins!
Proofs, proofs, proofs! No, we are not including that lovely mini, is just a proof of colour for the ghost goblins!

There is some bad(ish) news too :(

We would not be true goblins if everything would go smooth and perfect, would we? Unfortunately, we have received bad news from the factory during their review, The "challenge boot marker" (which we unlocked as a Social Stretch goal during the campaign) will not make it to the final game. The high cost for manufacturing and the potential delays this could generate has made me take the decision of not including them. However, I want to get "me pointy stick" so instead of the little boots, we have created five exclusive "The Boot" cards to compensate this. Nin has illustrated these to represent their effect on the game. I hope you accept my apologies and you like the idea for "the replacement" Below, the rules and a shot of the cards! 

 I almost forgot, Anka had the brilliant idea to provide the STL file of the boot for those that may still want to print it! I will make the link available in the next few days! (for those that want to print them, this will be a very small item (about 100x15mm) of which you need one per player (5 in total) one of each matching the colour of each player.

As always, please send us your comments and if you can, go onto Room 17 Games Facebook page and like, follow and leave a feedback comment, please.



News from the Bog-End
11 months ago – Tue, Apr 02, 2019 at 02:33:16 AM

Good morning Goblins!

I know it has been a while since the last update but I have been very closely working with the manufacturer to bring valid information and updates. Here it is the lot!

Rules and Gaming

All the rules and every part of the gaming have been done and laid out. We have an incredible help from @Mellekai and  @Kehlenschnitt in the editing and revision end. They worked very closed together with Anka for (hopefully) a very neat job.


The Final Miremarsh Board!
The Final Miremarsh Board!


The Final Undermire Board!
The Final Undermire Board!
The Final Undermire Box art and compo!
The Final Undermire Box art and compo!

We have also finalised the Knick-knacks cards and managed to square up the contents according to everything that was unlocked through the campaign! Thanks again to the backers that helped us to review KS content and final product to make sure everything was there!

Since we like you all A LOT, here are the links to have a look at the cards illustration and rules! Start making your strategies. Looking at them all, I can't wait to have it all on a table for a true 3-4 hour crazy game!




Most of you know that there is a massive gap between design and actual manufacturing that needs to be covered as much as possible before any campaign starts. Here is when lessons learnt in the pass and all the expertise possible comes to play so the execution of the design is as close as possible to the intention of the design.

Understanding materials performance and possibilities (and boundaries) alongside good communications with the manufacturer is key, and I must say this has been always sterling with Ningbo Eastar Manufacturing


All the files of the entire campaign have been submitted and approved - so the printed elements are queued for mass production. Miremarsh and Undermire are expected to be finished by May-June! While the rest are following behind. 

  • We don't expect any delays here in any of the sets!

All minis have been submitted and approved - the Miremarsh and Undermire sets have all their minis tooled (and PVC samples already shared with many backers for reassurance (thanks all for your feedback and comments!) and ready to be cast (again in line to be done by May-June. The Monsters and the Rock Gobs  are now being tooled and we should receive PVC samples in the next weeks! (resins were approved in October). 

  • We don't expect any delays in the Miremarsh and Undermire sets (no reason to believe there will be delays on the Monsters and RockGobs either!)
The Fish and the Boot needed some reduction in size. Now, they are perfect!
The Fish and the Boot needed some reduction in size. Now, they are perfect!

All packaging have been approved and are ready to receive the production - Not only the core games and expansions - Miremarsh KS edition, Undermire, Monsters Expansion, etc... but also all the boxing solutions for the rest of extras (Adventurer packs, gaming tokens and coins, etc). The only delays possible on the packaging front could come with the Vac Formed trays as they are dependant on the PVC minis - as Monsters and RockGobs tooling needs to be finished, tested and approved, they could impact the vacformed trays!

  • We have not received indications of delays, however since we haven't got the PVC minis for Monsters, RockGobs and Fenlord in our hands yet, I prefer to be cautious on this statement.


I don't dare to say that we are not behind on anything, last minute problems, changes, technical reviews are always there when you least expect it. Just last week we had the unfortunate news that the Boot (as we resized it to 1/3rd of its file size because it didn't fit on the tile!) would most likely have to be made in resin of the colours we want. The reason being the mould and the costs of it for the different colour could not be justified. Having said this, nothing is final and I will keep you updated on any progress. To ensure this doe not delay any core production, I have decided to NOT INCLUDE the boot in the main game and just supply them independently alongside your pledges (so the core game doesn't need to wait for it!)

The Monsters and Rock Goblins were the last minis to be approved and finalised. For this reason, they are still in the moulding stage. I can foresee a delay on these, but that could be my pessimistic side (I call it cautious). Since we are shipping everything together in one wave, a delay on these products, could delay all the fulfilment. This could mean pledges could have a two-three months delay, BUT, AGAIN, I HAVE NOT BEEN CONFIRMED THIS and it might as well be that I'm just being a drama king!


We continue monitoring the production until its very end and with all the KS orders now in place, we are opening conversations with several publishers to take care of the sales of all the non-exclusive Miremarsh products for the longer life retail avenue. 

Any progress on each of the sets will be communicated here as soon as we have news. So far, the best news is that there isn't any and everything continues its natural course as predicted.

We are pushing at all ends to have the first mass production copies air-shipped to the UKGE show in Birmingham by the end of May. If we manage this, we will let you all know for an early pick up of the game there if you are attending. We want to have the Miremarsh core game there so we can present it to the UKGE game awards (a requisite for this is to have the game "published" at the time of the show"). Again, we will let you know in advance if this is possible at all given the timings.

Resin Minis for wargaming

We have received many comments from wargamers asking for the availability of the minis created for Miremarsh. We are not a retail company and we don't have the capacity to cast and sell our minis directly (not yet at least) and we are talking to wargaming manufacturing and distributing companies to take care of this end. We'd all love to see out goblins and monsters made in resin and available to wargame with them (or simply to be painted) in other games, so we will let you know if we find a company interested in retailing the minis for that end. 

In this case, minis would be available in resin as kits and without rules or any  Miremarsh attachment and purely for those hobbyists and wargamers that fancy having goblins, monsters and items from the Miremarsh universe in their wargaming collections.

And that is all so far. Please send us any questions or feedback/ideas you may have.

We will see you all in "the Bog"

New and Room 17
about 1 year ago – Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 02:01:56 AM

 Good morning all Gobs!

While the Chinese New Year of the Pig finishes, we have little movement from that part of the world. Files, texts, etc are being revised given the opportunity of this Chinese break to triple ensure everything is correct.

In the meantime, we are in the middle of Tenfold Dungeon campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/room17games/tenfold-dungeon-modular-dungeon-crawling-terrain?ref=user_menu) and some backers there asked about Room 17 Games as a company and the bunch of people we are.  @Kehlenschnitt has suggested posting this one here too because, maybe some of our Miremarsh backers are curious too. So here is a bit of us for you to enjoy.

"Anka, Andres and myself (Ricard) were working on a series of boardgames for Warlord Games back in 2014 as a side studio to the historical wargaming company. We developed, designed, and produced five games with them (and with great success) which in turn gave us an enormous experience in processes and design. 

Things went well, and our time with Warlord was coming to its end, so Anka, Andres and I decided to try it on our own. Graham and Anders came on board, and we started Room 17 Games with Museum Rush.

Through these months (22 months now!) we successfully created three games, of which our two first (Museum Rush and Flicky Spaceships) sold out and won Gold and Silver Best Family Games award during the UKGE 2018. Museum Rush is now translated into three different languages, and will see its international release in the coming months. Miremarsh, in turn, produced a fantastic community that encouraged us to focus more on KS and create more projects linked to that community (THANKS!)

During these 22 months, we have worked commission on many projects including Hellboy by Mantic, and our team has fluctuated with members coming and going: We recruited Mary to help Andres on the illustration front - she left to Ireland in September just after finishing the first Tenfold design! We recruited Kev Bret to help us with the marketing and shows, and he left the company some months ago to pursue other life projects. So did Graham, who decided to move on and left the company just after the Miremarsh campaign finished. 

Dai joined us in replacement of Mary, and has lead the Tenfold Dungeon design just until some months ago when Nin joined Room 17 and took over the designs so Dai could move to help Andres on A SECRET COMMISSION PROJECT, of which you will soon have news). Finally, Sam started with us in December to take care of our social media.

Andres has just started the next project creating mood boards and the first goblins you have already seen for Templetide (more on this... some day) and in the meantime, Anders and I are working on landing further commission work to help establish our brand, and our team, as a good renowned design studio.

So, our company is made of 7 people, all of us full-time and fully dedicated to our projects (notice the plural  ;-) that keeps us with regular wages and high spirits for the future to come.

  • Anders - Operations and customer service (and actually writing rules for project Commission 1!)
  • Anka - Creative lead and designer looking after the crazy illustrators!
  • Andres - Lead Illustrator. Currently working on project Commission 1 and Templetide art approach.
  • Dai - Illustrator. Just finished the Tenfold Dungeon designs that you can see in our campaign and now helping Andres on Project Commission 1!
  • Nin (Nichola G Jackson - she has such a cool name that I like to write it when I have the chance) Illustrator - Junior illustrator, helping Dai with Tenfold and jumping soon to Templetide!
  • Sam - Social media coordinator and our "words" talent.
  • Ricard - Technical Production and publishing and every bit of the boring admin of the company!

Our business plan is based on two games a year via KS and one or two commissions a year which may or may not carry our branding, but help us out on paying the bills. 

Although we use freelancers for that extra hand (especially for sculpting) from the get-go, we wanted to build a company with 100% dedicated professionals under the same roof that would fully participate and focus on the development, design, market and production of the games we like to see released. That generates good and consistent quality, a great flow of creative and technical synergy and  good reaction times. We share info and knowledge among us, so every part of the team knows about the manufacturing challenges, the creative opportunities and the ideas from backers and community to react when needed.

Ah yes, we also commit A LOT of mistakes, but we try not to commit the same ones twice.


In the News front, Sam has just launched a poll on FB to check out the crowd interest on the next designs. Including an option for our very own tribute to Hero Quest with a Tenfold Dungeon set. 


Give us your vote and move that every corner where you think Hero Quest is played and loved to build up more traffic to the campaign!

ROBIN is this Sunday (a small whow in Nottingham dedicated to wargames and boardgames) to which Anders, Sam and myself will be attending and showing our games (including Tenfold, of course) and trying to sell our last copies of Museum Rush, and some merchandise for both Museum Rush and Miremarsh. If you are around the area, this could be a last chance to get Museum Rush and the Mummies and other KS exclusive left overs!


We look forward to reaching our next Social Stretch goal: Printable PDF generic floors! Anka is working on them as we speak, reducing the charge of detail and making them print friendly!

Today we should hit our first SG - Walls System in every Tenfold set, according to the selected theme. This is a punch board full of a versatile amount of walls of different sizes and the T-clips to hold them together.

After this, up and up for the stairs system! 

Keep sharing the project and believing in it as we do. Tenfold has a lot of use and a lot of people that would love it... they just don't know yet.