Miremarsh - The Boardgame

Created by Room 17 Games Ltd

A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Tenfold Dungeon!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Feb 04, 2019 at 07:43:57 PM

Good Morning, Goblins! 

Today's a big day for us here at the Room 17 offices. If you cast your minds back, you may recall us talking about a neat little project we were working on, going by the name of Tenfold Dungeon. Well, today's the day we're launching that Kickstarter - our first since wrapping up Miremarsh.

We've become well-versed in making dark and gloomy products now.
We've become well-versed in making dark and gloomy products now.

We're incredibly excited to share this project with everyone, and you can check it out here. Looking at it, we're sure you'll share in our excitement! Tenfold Dungeon is our first venture into products and accessories for the roleplaying market, and we're really hyped to see what everyone thinks. 

One of the launching sets for Tenfold Dungeon - The Castle.
One of the launching sets for Tenfold Dungeon - The Castle.

Not one to forget our roots however, we've produced a Kickstarter Exclusive Miremarsh themed location that will be included with every pledge. You can take the developers out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of  the developers, as the saying goes. The compartment is perfect to add some swampy shenanigans to your roleplaying adventures, and we're looking forward to giving the Miremarsh goblins a whole new locale to hang about and spread mischief. 

Premium goblin real estate.
Premium goblin real estate.

Whilst we are busy with Tenfold Dungeon, we're still grafting away at Miremarsh's physical development. Our rulebook .PDF is finished, formatted, and ready for download here, so you can check that out now.

In terms of physical components, as some of you may be aware, it's currently the Chinese New Year. Because of this, our production centres in China have momentarily paused production on our Miremarsh parts. As such, we might not have too much to say about Miremarsh's production for the next month or so. Once our production is back underway though, we'll have some cool new minis and components to share with you! Overall, we're still on target to ship Miremarsh later this year.  

We wish all of our Chinese friends and colleagues a very Happy New Year!

Let us know what you think to Tenfold Dungeon over on its Kickstarter page, and a huge thank you to all of our fans for supporting us! 

Swampy New Year!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Jan 04, 2019 at 01:26:30 AM

 A Happy New Year to every goblin in the bog!

After a few lazy days over the holidays, we’re all full-on back here at Room 17 HQ. 

We’ve returned to a fantastic present from our manufacturers, having received the proofs for the last hard components that were awaiting approval before being sent off for tooling.

The complete monster set, in all it’s gruesome glory!

Some familiar fearsome faces! 

Some particular landmarks from the horizons of Miremarsh.

A nice collection goblin trinkets and tokens.

With all the above and the Rock Goblins approved, everything can now be tooled, and we are closer to the execution. So far, no delays have hit us! Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us, and kiss your lucky bog-charms for good fortune. (yuck) 

Going into 2019, we’ve also had some new incorporations into the team. With Kev gone on to greener pastures, Sam has joined us as the KS campaign leader for Tenfold Dungeon, and will be our voice across our social media. He’s all ears for you in all the platforms you normally use. We’ve also asked Sam to look at setting up development blogs on BGG/reddit, and to catalog all our develops on upcoming projects so you always know where we’re at. 

Our second incorporation is Nin, a fantastic illustrator to complete a team of three. She is going to help Dai on Tenfold Dungeon to add to the wonders of this glorious accessory for Dungeon Crawling RPGs coming up in February. 

Tenfold will bring some impressive 3D environments to your games.

With Dai and Nin fully focussed on Tenfold Dungeon™, Andres has more time to focus on the first characters of Templetide, the game you might’ve seen us previously tease. We endeavour to launch it after TFD™, and it’s currently under development by none other than Gav Thorpe. Templetide will introduce the Wanderers – a bunch of travelling goblins that enjoy raiding the coastal village of Templetide, and mechanically it features a thrilling engine for balancing stealth, movement and detection, giving you a fast-paced game of tactical goblin espionage! 

The Cheeky Heroes of Templetide.

With Sam and Nin on board, Room 17 continues to grow and we believe we’re stronger and readier than ever for this new 2019 full of great surprises and future announcements!

Stay tuned and don’t miss out on our next updates and further news regarding our upcoming products and games!

- The Room 17 Team 

A Very Merry Marshy Christmas Update
about 1 year ago – Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 12:34:32 AM

Hello All!

What a year we've had here at Room17 Games! We've plundered museums, roamed the treacherous swamps of miremarsh, plunged into the Undermire, and now that we're looking forward to the future, we're going to be delving into some dungeons. We've moved offices, taken on some new staff, and had the amazing opportunities to meet some of you at conventions!

 It's all been very exciting, and we have even more bubbling away in our creative cauldrons behind the scenes - we can't wait to share it with you all. We've been in touch with some big names, and we've got a wealth of new and exciting games, expansions and projects to announce in 2019.

Who are these cheeky goblins? Whatever could they be up to? 

It's no secret that our next project will be Tenfold Dungeon. Compact, affordable, and completely modular dungeon crawling terrain, we're using Tenfold Dungeon to branch out into another creative field near and dear to our hearts - roleplaying games! Our goblins have been so well-received and beloved by you - the fans - that we've been inspired to expand the ways in which we make worlds and provide elements for storytelling. Tenfold is our first foray into that, and rather than try to cook up a whole roleplaying system, we're using our talents and resources to make accessories that can be used by our fans in the fantastic and varied tabletop adventures of their own making. We've a bunch of exciting ideas and plans as to how we'll expand the Tenfold Dungeon system, and ways in which we'll use it in top-quality board games in the future. We're super eager to share Tenfold with you, and at this point we're just having to wait out the last tantalising stages of awaiting fuller prototypes from our manufacturers. 

What have those goblins gotten themselves into this time?

In the meantime, production of Miremarsh is well underway. We had a small army of Durgin Dwarves turn up at our office (we think they might've been looking for a scrap with all our pesky goblins) and much more is either in transit or coming off the production lines. 

On the technical side, we fished all of our soggy scraps of paper out of the swamp, and in putting them all together, we finished proofreading and formatting the Miremarsh rulebook! For a game that takes place in a miserable swamp, it's a very clean, concise, and tidy looking document, that covers everything you could possibly ever need to know when playing Miremarsh. 

Rules for goblins getting themselves killed? Who'd have thought they we'd ever need those?

2019 promises to be an exciting year for us all here at Room17 games. We're proud to have the tabletop writing & development titan Gav Thorpe on side for a follow-up game to Miremarsh that utilises Tenfold Dungeon structures, and we're in talks to do some very exciting things with some other big names. 

None of this would have been possible without any of you though, and for that, we say a very big thank you. We hope you all have a very happiest of holidays! Our inboxes and comment sections are always open, and we look forward to hearing what you all think of our future projects.

With Thanks,

The Room17 Team!

++ Oh! one last thing - we got too exciting thinking about goblins, as we often do - Museum Rush has now fully shipped. If you haven't received your copy, please allow some time for holiday shipping, or contact customer.service@room17.games if you think something might've gone really wrong ++

Locking down orders and charging cards!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 08:13:29 PM

Hi all Bog Goblins

Tomorrow afternoon GMT17.00 (Friday the 7th of December) we will lock the orders that are in Backerkit. 

We will charge the Cards on Monday the 10th of December.

So please if you haven't done so already make sure you conclude the PM for Miremarsh as soon as possible.

Undermire - secrets in the depths!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 01:32:17 AM

Ahoy backers!

Some of you were asking for more information about how the Undermire expansion works, so Matt and Sam written up a summary of various mechanics involved.Here it comes!

The Undermire is the first expansion for MireMarsh. It adds a new board, new miniatures, and new gameplay to the MireMarsh main game. Playing Miremarsh with The Undermire will take your goblins to a long-forgotten world, deep underneath the the black marsh. In The Undermire, you’ll find powerful ancient artifacts from lost civilisations, and gather treasures from forgotten goblin adventurers less fortunate than you. You’ll find impossible challenges, and mortal peril at every step, but - those that make it past the ancient guardian will be rewarded with unimaginable riches fit to rule the goblin swamp and the ancient caverns! Playing Miremarsh with Undermire is recommended once players have experienced Miremarsh a few times first.


A new board for the Undermire and new Level 4 Quest ...an evil, ancient king awaits you. Dare you face him? You might do- he’s not that scary and would appreciate the company. He gets lonely. Compliment him on his armour- he loves that. Unless he’s in one of his “moods”, then he can get a bit... ‘deathy’. 

 2 Cursed Well miniatures and hexes Dive right into the Undermire - it’s Miremarsh’s #1 holiday destination. Do it the goblin way and jump head-first into an decrepit, festering cursed well! 

Hmm, what to choose: to lower myself slowly in the bucket or have a tentacle ride to the underworld? Choices, choices.
Hmm, what to choose: to lower myself slowly in the bucket or have a tentacle ride to the underworld? Choices, choices.

 17 Undermire Hexes: Harder, tougher, and more rewarding challenges. Only joking- they are not any more rewarding. 

9 Undermire Lair Monsters: Make friends with a few of the friendly locals that make up the obscene pits of black despair! Book early! 

10 Ancient Artifacts: Hugely powerful cards to shift the power in your game of MireMarsh. Tough to get, but once you’ve sampled Winstanley’s Necessary Evil you will never drink anything else ever again- and that’s a promise. 

1 Crystal Guardian Miniature: a new Wandering Monster patrols the dank Undermire, his name is Pointy-Alan and he’d be happy to help you….Into an early grave. 

Lovely chap. Likes long walks in the Undermire and crushing goblins.
Lovely chap. Likes long walks in the Undermire and crushing goblins.

15 Ghost Goblins Miniatures: It’s a sad fact that the odd goblin often dies in some flea-bitten part of the swamp in Miremarsh. Now, they’re back - and they are not at all happy. 

The Undermire also adds new cards to the game that can be used in the base game: 

10 New knick-knacks: Unleash the cheap and mediocre power of goblin tat today! 

Stupid sparkling stick or very fashionable clothing? I know which I will pick.
Stupid sparkling stick or very fashionable clothing? I know which I will pick.

3 New pets: Jaw-achingly cute and they all want to come home with you. Not you, Gulper. 

Sure mate... your pets are, uhhh... cute. Please keep them away from me!
Sure mate... your pets are, uhhh... cute. Please keep them away from me!

5 New spells: Blistering game-breaking powerhouses every last one. Possibly. 

That looks FUN!
That looks FUN!

Entering and leaving the Undermire

You can move into the Undermire by going to the Cursed Well locations. These replace two Level 0 tiles on the main Miremarsh board and you can play with just one, or both. The Gateway and Crevasse are are two fixed locations on the Undermire board and help you clever goblins by giving you a new, sneaky way to travel between the boards. The secret path on the Undermire board leads to the Level 4 quest and works in the same way as they do on the main board. This means that players will have 5 different ways to win the game. 

Unique item: original playtesting Undemire board by the authors themselves!
Unique item: original playtesting Undemire board by the authors themselves!


When a goblin dies in any location, their ghosts miniature appear on the Miremarsh board exactly where they died. This “locks” the location out as the ghost goblin is busy “spookin’ up the joint” - and forces the players to make tough decisions. 

Ancient Artefacts

Artefacts are super-powered new items that come only in The Undermire. They can only be found deep underground and can have game changing effects. Imagine a pet combined with an item, combined with mixin’ pot full of bad attitude - that’s them. Hard to find, but totally worth it. 

New pets, new spells, new knicknacks 

New underground-cavern themed upgrades that you can use with the expansion, or add them to the base game. 

Undermire Wandering Monster

If you find yourself in the Undermire and you roll a tentacle, then the you will trigger the movement of the Crystal Monster (instead of the Miremarsh wandering monster).

I need WHAT to defeat it?!
I need WHAT to defeat it?!